Cool Shield No Allergy Mattress Cover – Protects Against Mites, Bacteria and Fluids

Mattress Protectors Are Not All Created Equal

If you’re like me, a water-resistant mattress protector is among those things that I didn’t recognize I needed till it was late.

When I was a little younger, I never thought much about what kind of mattress protector I needed. I always had one, but typically purchased the first one I found, and typically didn’t look at the attributes at all. To be truthful, I mainly purchased cushioned mattress pads, which aren’t really protectors at all. It seemed great and comfy, so I was delighted.

Then we got a dog.

I probably do not have to tell you what the pet did, so I’ll just say I wasn’t pleased. We cleaned the bed pretty well after the occurrence, but it certainly wasn’t simple or enjoyable. I’m also virtually ashamed to say that this occurred more than once before we discovered our lesson and began exploring a genuine waterproof mattress protector.

After doing a little research I found that inexpensive waterproof protectors are typically made of vinyl and can be awkward. They can almost be like sleeping on plastic, which can make you hot or sweaty at night. Likewise, it can be loud if you move at night, so I began exploring non-vinyl protectors.

Cotton terry bed protectors are the most typical water resistant ones on the market today. A good protector is soft and breathable so you do not have the same problems just like vinyl protectors, and particular brands are still really cost effective. For just a few dollars you can fully protect your bed without compromising your convenience of your pocketbook.

Now that we have kids, we’re really delighted that we know what kind of water resistant bed protector to purchase.

These days I purchase pretty much everything from (I love that they have a money-back guarantee on everything you purchase) and found the Cool Shield mattress protector (see below) to provides everything I was looking for.

Cool Shield Mattress Protector Provides Total Defense alongside Absolute Comfort

Did you know that our mattress protector is sanitary and can produce physical health rewards to the entire home – specifically children? Our hypoallergenic waterproof mattress cover has been constructed with the use of advanced manufacturing by making using of Flow-Defense fluid-proof advances and StaySoft premium terry.

– Premium Manufacturing: The mattress protector will not shrink or fray. Cotton is generally used on some of the most costly mattress protectors on the market, offering comfortable sleep along with full protection. Contains no vinyl.
– Water-proof: Offers the unparalleled capacity to take in fluids and is designed to avoid changing the feel of your mattress.

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